Why do you organise Wonderlust?

Because, in our opinion, we live in a society where true, first-hand pleasure is becoming increasingly rare. And because we grew up thinking that the sexual revolution is a historical event, yet now recognize that it is an ongoing process instead.

For whom do you organise Wonderlust?

For the curious, open-minded, adventurous. For people who would like to explore. The festival is open for people of all genders, sexual orientations and ages, as long as you’re 18 or over.

Are there similar events to Wonderlust?

Yes, some of the great inspiration sources for us are Diep festival Utrecht, Berlin Porn Film Festival, Cine Kink and Xplore Berlin.

I went to an erotic fair and felt bored and annoyed. How is Wonderlust different?

There are two major differences: sex fairs are mostly commercial, whereas Wonderlust is a non-profit event. We don’t care about attracting the masses, which allows us to be different and experimental. Also, at typical fairs your role is to be a spectator – you can like or dislike the programme but there is not much you can do about it. The starting point of Wonderlust is the recognition that our audience is smart and creative. At Wonderlust, you are an active participant and much of what will happen depends on your personal desires and preferences.

What are the main rules of the festival?

Take time to read through our Accountability Agreement you agree to follow by attending Wonderlust. It ensures a more free and safer space for us all, covering support and actions that follow if the agreement is being deviated from.

What is the responsibility of the festival guest?

It is your responsibility to alert us immediately of any disruptive or threatening behavior of anyone else.

What is conscious sexuality?

With this term we want to suggest intelligent and reflective approach to sexuality. We want to encourage discussion and experimentation on what sex could be for each individual and inspire more ‘do it yourself ’ mentality. We wish to emphasise, that anyone is free to explore their own sexuality and desires, without necessarily following any pre-determined norms.

Do I have to engage in sexual contact at the Wonderlust events – at the workshops or at the party?

Absolutely not. If you feel like remaining dressed, not touching or being touched, or just dancing the night away at the party, this is totally fine.

I look young. Do I have to bring an ID with me?

Yes! We cannot let people who look under 18 into the venue without an ID.

I would like to collaborate with Wonderlust in the future.

We are looking for partnerships to develop the festival in the future. Please contact us by email:  wonderlusthelsinki@gmail.com



What happens at the Wonderlust Closing Party?

Closing Party is the last event of the festival weekend. Being there in a warm environment among familiar faces, it’s nice to relax and reflect on what you’ve learned in workshops. There will be outrageous costumes, sexy alcohol-free aphrodisiac drinks, surprises, flirting, games to set the mood and play areas for you to play at.

Should I bring condoms?

Yes. We will provide some, but please also bring your favorite brand with you. We also think that carrying a condom can remind us of erotic possibilities in this world. Always carry one with you!:)

Is it allowed to have sex at the Wonderlust party?

Yes. But please be aware that it is not a sex show – there will be no paid performers having sex on stage. You are here not to watch someone else, but to explore your own fantasies. We set the mood and you take it from there, whatever direction you wish, with full respect for others.

Can I take pictures at the party?

No, photography is strictly not allowed in the party. We will have a professional photographer taking pictures of festival guests in a specially designated area.

Can I come alone to the party?

Yes, you can come alone, but we encourage participants to come together with partners and friends. This year, we organise a pre-party, a great place to meet new friends before the party – especially if you come alone!

I’m a woman, and I never go to sex related events because they are attended mostly by men. Can you guarantee a good gender balance at the party?

Wonderlust attracts a more diverse crowd than the usual sex related events. We are working with women’s’ media as well as with LGBT+ communities to make sure that there is diversity amongst the people at the festival. However, we cannot guarantee the subjectively perfect balance of genders and sexual orientations for you, so we recommend you to bring a partner and / or friends!

I’m planning to come to the party straight from work. Is there a possibility to change into a sexier outfit on the premises?

Yes, in Cirko there will be a changing room and toilets where it’s possible to change.

Is it safe to walk around barefoot at the party?

We recommend that you put your shoes on every time you are leaving the play area.


I’m not excited by pornography, I think it has nothing to do with real sex. Why do you include it into a non-commercial sex festival?

We want to attract attention to an alternative porn scene that has become a kind of a movement for presenting diversity on screen. Film-makers who make porn that shows real pleasure, real bodies, real people.

I prefer to watch porn in the privacy of my own home. Why should I come to watch it in a theatre?

We think that it would be wonderful to have a tradition of watching porn openly and collectively. Pornography is a huge industry and occupies a big space in our society. However, most of it is commercial porn with stereotypical imagery to which Wonderlust wants to offer an alternative. Nowadays, most of the critical discussion take place in the social media – but it censors porn or anything even remotely related to sexuality. So there is a need to take this discussion offline. Also, we feel privileged to be able to watch and discuss pornography together with Vex Ashley, who can share first-hand information about the makers and production.

During the film night, would it be OK to cuddle with my partner if we feel like it?

Absolutely! Just don’t cuddle with other people without their permission. 🙂


We will be happy to answer any other questions by email:wonderlusthelsinki@gmail.com