Wonderlust 2017: more intimacy, more workshops, more time to play together.

We are proud to announce Stoya (USA) as our main guest this year. Stoya is a renowned pornographer, writer and activist based in NYC. She will be curating a film screening and running the first ever bingo game at Wonderlust!

Stoya. Photo: Steve Prue

Other guests include Kristina Marlen (Germany) who will be hosting rope workshops and Juliette Dragon (France) who will be leading role playing and fire sessions. Thanks to the international guests and our amazing local community, we will have altogether 20 events to choose from. Our enlarged and comprehensive workshop programme invites the festival visitors to explore their sexuality and desires in an intimate and safe environment.

This year, we offer two kinds of festival passes which include access to two different sets of workshops. The screening, the bingo and the closing party are accessible with both passes. Individual tickets are available for the screening and bingo, but please notice that the party and the workshops are only for passholders this year. Get ready to buy your festival pass and join the events!



“Wonderlust offered something that the Finnish field of sexuality had been lacking; relaxed, hilarious, lightly informative and brave celebration of sex.” –The Finnish Association for Sexology (FIAS), in their the celebration speech of Valopilkku Award

“What stayed with me was how approachable the organisers and volunteers were, and how they were hanging out amongst the visitors. It left the impression that the festival is not commercial and something that is organised out of enjoyment”. –Saku 21

“This is the only place for vanilla and kinksters alike, with no special preference on gender or sexual orientation.” –M.P.

“The play party was one of the most unforgettable events I’ve ever attended!” –Kinkykallio

“Wonderlust is something that empowers me, gives me hope as well as food for thought for the rest of the year. It’s a shame it doesn’t happen more often.” –Ida