6th Wonderlust Festival


Seen in all your glory, in the fierceness of your desire, in the tenderness of your need for connection. Who do you want to be? We all have multiple selves hidden within – let them all out to play. Donning on someone else’s role is a liberating act, one of defiance. What if you wouldn’t need to be this one person every day of your life?


Creative sex is not only about learning new skills, it’s also about reinventing who you can be, for yourself and your partners. This year, Wonderlust offers a safer space to perform, to try out different roles, to bask in the spotlight. Together, let's discover the multitudes within.

Klara Lotte
About Wonderlust

Wonderlust is a festival celebrating diverse and conscious sexuality. Bringing together queers and straights, sex activists and curious neophytes, kinks and shy ones, Wonderlust serves as

a hub for a diverse community. It also invites those, who haven’t considered being part of a sex festival before.

While the highly sexualized mainstream culture generates glossy ready-made forms of sexual behavior, we focus on questioning and exploration, a DIY approach, the joy of self-actualization and finding what is truly ours.

Wonderlust is one of its kind in Northern Europe. It promotes an open attitude towards all forms and kinds of sexuality, creates

a fleeting and flirting community and builds an open, free-spirited environment for sharing and learning something new. After five sold-out festivals and an award from the Finnish Association for Sexology for promoting sexual well-being, Wonderlust continues to be a creative platform for sex-positive revolution. In June 2019, the festival takes over two venues in Suvilahti with a program of workshops, parties and talks.

Wonderlust 2019 is created by Essi Aittamaa, Julius Elo, Jenna Jauhiainen, Kasper Kamppuri, Helena Mäkinen, Eva Neklyaeva, Jarkko Partanen, Marius Poenar, Anni Puolakka and a band of passionate volunteers.

Finn Peaks:


Workshop teasers:

Klara lotte: MEET YOUR CLIT

Klara Lotte & Peter Banki:





  • TWO workshops of your choosing

  • Access to Play Room throughout the festival, where you have the possibility to take part to facilitated content, play free or cuddle in the corner

  • Opening Ceremony

  • All That Swag performance night

  • Wonderlust Play Party




  • FOUR workshops of your choosing

  • Access to Play Room throughout the festival, where you have the possibility to take part to facilitated content, play free or cuddle in the corner

  • Opening Ceremony

  • All That Swag performance night

  • Wonderlust Play Party


We don’t want the ticket price to prevent your participation. Therefore we offer limited amount of passes for less than the retail price. If you are not able to pay the retail price, send us an email to info@wonderlust.fi. Write in the message how much you would be able to pay for the pass and you'll be sent a discount code for purchasing the pass.


What they said about us:

“Wonderlust offered something that the Finnish field of sexuality had been lacking; relaxed, hilarious, lightly informative and brave celebration of sex.” –The Finnish Association for Sexology (FIAS), in their the celebration speech of Valopilkku Award

“What stayed with me was how approachable the organisers and volunteers were, and how they were hanging out amongst the visitors. It left the impression that the festival is not commercial and something that is organised out of enjoyment”. –Saku 21

“This is the only place for vanilla and kinksters alike, with no special preference on gender or sexual orientation.” –M.P.

“The play party was one of the most unforgettable events I’ve ever attended!” –Kinkykallio

“Wonderlust is something that empowers me, gives me hope as well as food for thought for the rest of the year. It’s a shame it doesn’t happen more often.” –Ida


Wonderlust festival Helsinki,2019. info@wonderlust.fi

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