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All That Swag

SAT 21:00-00:00

This year, let’s try something new. “All That Swag” is a night of performance - put your best or most awful costume on, and let’s make this night unforgettable! Who do you want to be tonight? Perform your own sexuality, your desire, take our breath away with your tricks. Teasing, tantalising, thrilling. Together with Slutartists, we set up a stage for you to be seen, to stand before the gaze of many appreciative spectators - or kick back and enjoy the show!

Music provided by DJs 

Cute Cumber and Schoolboi Cute

What happens at the event?

There will be several stages and spots set up in the space where the festival participants are welcome to share what they want for others in the space. You can take the stage alone, with a friend, or in a group. It can be something you already know, or something completely created in the moment. Putting yourself under the gaze is completely voluntary, you can also just to hang out and appreciate the show. The non-alcoholic bar is open and there will be music!

Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?

You’re welcome to bring your favourite accessories, and the attire(s) of your choosing. Most importantly, come as you are or who you want to be for the night.

Is there nudity?

There will be nudity in the space, but nudity is not required to participate. It is up to every participant how much and what kind of clothing you wear.


We are the Slutartists, an artist collective and slut posse from the Universe of Sluttiness. We do miscellaneous sex work and art of the sex industry. Different sexes and sexualities are the theme and condition of our art.


In our work we direct attention to consent and negotiation which encourages both us and the witnesses of our art and the buyers of our services to think about their own boundaries and become more interested in them. This is also an essential thematic ingredient of our art.

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