Wonderlust Festival turns 5! Come celebrate with us! Come as you are.

We’ll be licking all the birthday cake crumbles from sticky fingers, we’ll be seeing fireworks, we’ll laugh a lot but we’ll negotiate consent seriously. Our delicious anniversary program will feature at least a million creative ways of performing desire.

Some of our brilliant guests include Berlin-based artist and sex worker Sadie Lune with workshops on loving domination and squirting; Italian choreographer Chiara Bersani with a workshop on seduction and gaze, and French queer activist FloZif with a juicy selection of queer porn and a workshop on DIY porn making.

floZif, image courtesy of Florian Chavanon
Sadie Lune, image courtesy of Jo Pollux.
Chiara Bersani, image courtesy of G.Agostini

Ticket prices:
SUPPORT PASS All you can eat (incl. all events and 5 workshops): 220€

All you can eat FULL festival pass (incl. all events and 5 workshops): 190 €

Enthusiast festival pass (incl. all events and 2 workshops): 130 €

DIY 4EVER, a film night curated by floZif: 10 €

Sex work panel + Porn Karaoke: 10 €

Enthusiast discounted pass (with all events and 2 workshops): Pay what you can
We don’t want the ticket price to prevent your participation. Therefore we offer limited amount of passes for less than the retail price. If you are not able to pay the retail price, send us an email as soon as possible to [email protected]. Write in the message how much you would be able to pay for the pass.

Volunteer application opens: 1 APRIL



“Wonderlust offered something that the Finnish field of sexuality had been lacking; relaxed, hilarious, lightly informative and brave celebration of sex.” –The Finnish Association for Sexology (FIAS), in their the celebration speech of Valopilkku Award

“What stayed with me was how approachable the organisers and volunteers were, and how they were hanging out amongst the visitors. It left the impression that the festival is not commercial and something that is organised out of enjoyment”. –Saku 21

“This is the only place for vanilla and kinksters alike, with no special preference on gender or sexual orientation.” –M.P.

“The play party was one of the most unforgettable events I’ve ever attended!” –Kinkykallio

“Wonderlust is something that empowers me, gives me hope as well as food for thought for the rest of the year. It’s a shame it doesn’t happen more often.” –Ida