Wonderlust team and guests in 2017. Photo by Alisa Javits.


Wonderlust is a festival celebrating diverse and conscious sexuality. Bringing together straights and queers, sex activists and curious neophytes, kinks and shy ones, Wonderlust serves as a hub for a diverse community. It also invites those, who haven’t considered being part of a sex festival before.

While the highly sexualised mainstream culture generates glossy ready-made forms of sexual behaviour, we focus on questioning and exploration, a DIY approach, the joy of self-actualisation and finding what is truly ours.

Wonderlust is one of its kind in Northern Europe. It promotes an open attitude towards all forms and kinds of sexuality, creates a fleeting and flirting community and builds an open, free-spirited environment for sharing and learning something new. After three sold-out festivals and an award from the Finnish association for Sexology for promoting sexual well-being, Wonderlust continues to expand. In June 2018, the festival takes over two venues in Suvilahti with an extended program of films, workshops, parties and talks.

Wonderlust 2018 is created by Essi Aittamaa, Julius Elo, Eva Neklyaeva, Jarkko Partanen, Anni Puolakka, Kasper Kamppuri, Marius Poenar, and a band of passionate volunteers.