Festival rules


Suvilahti, Helsinki


By participating at an event, you and Wonderlust form an Accountability Agreement to ensure our space feels more free and safer for us all. It bases on the principles of respect, inclusiveness regardless of gender or sexual orientation, and non-patriarchy as we consider these concepts essential for a healthy, diverse sexual culture.

The rules underneath are for revision for those already familiar to the agreement.


As the event is designed for adults every participant complies to mental, physical and emotional self-responsibility.

All sexual interactions should be held on the three basic principles of: safe, sane and consensual.

All activity and boundaries are to be actively negotiated.

You are always free not to participate in an exercise or activity.

Participants agree not to take photographs or record any events.

We respect others participants by never assuming their backgrounds and giving space with our voices and bodies.

Sexist, homophobic, transphobic,racist and sex worker-phobic language or behaviour will not be tolerated at Wonderlust.

If the agreement is not adhered, you will be asked to leave temporarily or permanently depending on the circumstances.