Life Drawing and Masturbation

Saturday 2/6/2018 14:30-17:00

Workshop / Eskus

Entrance with festival pass only / BUY A TICKET

Do you enjoy drawing or group masturbation? Or both? If you answered ‘yes’ to any one of these, this might be the workshop just for you!

The concept of life drawing has traditionally furthered itself from eroticism and sexuality. In this workshop, however, we invite the participants to decisively explore their own sexuality through observing and being observed. And the best thing is: the arousal of models is allowed, even encouraged.

Focusing on the act of drawing permits to take distance to the situation at hand, and to explore oneself and one’s own emotions. Embarking on a voyage using paper, charcoal and pencils allows to observe others intensively without an awkward feeling of staring. The observation of different living and breathing bodies enjoying themselves opens up a possibility to find attraction and charm beyond the standard ideals of beauty.  

In a similar manner, masturbating in front of others together with other naked bodies offers an opportunity to examine one’s own body image and sexuality. It offers a space to get to know yourself and your own body in a warm and accepting atmosphere, as well as to encounter different sensations and work on the possible insecurities relating to rubbing one out.

In this workshop, everyone is equally naked – at the same time observants and objects of a gaze. Subjects regardless of whether they are drawing or masturbating. It is completely beside the point how experienced one is in either drawing or masturbation. Both are tools of self-discovery and hopefully also pathways to new, joyful discoveries.

What happens in the workshop?  

The workshop focuses on life drawing, masturbation and the examination of emotions arising from both of these practices. The workshop happens in three parts. First, the participants receive an intro tutorial in drawing, observing and being observed, as well as touching oneself. After this, we move on to drawing. Participants can alternate the roles of artist and model. As opposed to traditional life drawing, the models do not stay still, but instead touch themselves. Towards the end, we discuss emotions that came up in the exercises and the participants can present their own drawings to the group.   

For whom is the workshop?

You don’t need to be a top artist or passionate about exhibitionism in order to participate: no previous experience is required. This is an opportunity for people with an open mind who want to examine their own sexuality in a communal setting.

Will I need to bring something?

We will provide paper, charcoal and pencils. You are welcome to bring your own sex toys and art supplies.

Bring a towel or sheet to sit on.  

Is there nudity in the Workshop?

Yes. Both the artists and the models are naked.

Katariina Katla, Julius Elo and Jarkko Partanen