Primal Play (1)

Saturday 2/6/2018 14:30-17:00

Cirko Maneesi

Entrance with festival pass only / BUY A TICKET


What is your favourite animal? Would you like to be a cat, or a sloth? Cute or wild? Furry or slick?

This workshop delves into primal play, which means unleashing the animal, beast or monster in you. It can be playful, rough, cute or wild, whatever is your fantasy about your inner primal powers. During the workshop different animal and creature roles are explored from different angles, and they are utilised in erotic play.

Primal play and animal roles can be realised in many levels regarding explicit sexuality or roughness (e.g. using grip, nails and teeth). Different levels will be explored, but the level is always chosen by the participants, so the workshop can be experienced as semi-erotic or hardcore depending on one’s choices. On the other hand, what happens around you, cannot be chosen, so prepare to see anything.

Tommi Paalanen is a hairy panda daddy, who is interested in the wild diversity of sexuality and sexual play, both practically and academically. He runs and NGO specialised in sexual wellbeing, and does poly, queer and kinky stuff in spare time.