Loving Domination (1)

Saturday 2/6/2018 18:00-20:30

Workshop / Eskus

Entrance with festival pass only / BUY A TICKET

Hardcore Sensitivity for Beginner and Intermediate Players. Loving Domination is an alternative approach to the power dynamics of Domination and topping that defies the image of the cold, scary or mean Top without being limited to ‘soft’ or ‘light’ play.

Using tools such as physicality, humour, encouragement and sensuality without compromising intensity, the workshop will focus on the rhythms of Domination and challenge Bottoms to expand their horizons. Calling on her experience as a sadistic and service-oriented Top, Sadie Lune will explore loving Domination using interactive exercises, demonstrations, and group discussion.

What happens in the Workshop?

Several big group exercises to get participants moving, making contact, and smiling. Sadie will explain the concept behind “Loving Domination”, some of the tools and skills she uses, and why this style interests her. Sadie will give a demo of a mini-scene in which she uses aspects of this style. Participants will then divide into pairs and small groups to negotiate and begin to play with this style, or observe others. Time for skillshare and question and answers.

For whom is the workshop?

People with interest in BDSM, focusing on skills for Tops but anyone is welcome.

Appropriate for people with beginning to intermediate BDSM experience.

Will I need to bring something?

Totally Optional: note-taking supplies, light BDSM toys.

Is there nudity in the Workshop?

Strong possibility, but not required of participants.

Sadie Lune

Sadie Lune is a interdisciplinary artist and sex worker. She has won awards for her 
short films and performances, appeared in feature films and queer porn, exhibited explicit 
whore-positive work in squats and the  SFMOMA, and shown her cervix internationally. She paints, speaks publicly, and writes on topics of sexuality, gender, intimacy, fertility, queer parenthood and sex work. Sadie lives in Berlin with her baby.


Loving Domination

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