Body Fountain (1)

Saturday 2/6/2018 11:00-13:30

Workshop / Eskus

Entrance with festival pass only / BUY A TICKET

Squirting for Vulvic Folx.

At the age of 28 Sadie taught herself to squirt using a compilation of techniques she’d learned from other squirters and some tools gleaned from modalities such as meditation, tantra, and common sense. Sadie will break down what worked for her, along with an anatomical explanation of what’s going on with the body when we squirt and some of the emotional elements that may have an impact on squirtability. We’ll also discuss why squirting has become such a “thing” and reasons or contexts in which we might find it desirable or undesirable. We’ll watch film clips that show a variety of the different squirting styles, and give a live demo of fucking moves and positions that can help the fluids flow. There will also be time for skillshare discussion from participants, and question and answer.

What happens in the Workshop?

Sadie will verbally breakdown her story as well as emotional and anatomical elements to squirting, show porn clips of various squirts, give a live sex demo, and facilitate a skillshare discussion and question and answer session.

For whom is the workshop?

People of all genders with vulvas interested in the topic of squirting, and their partners.

Will I need to bring something?

Optional: Note-taking supplies.

Is there nudity in the Workshop?

Yes, but not for participants.

Sadie Lune

Sadie Lune is a interdisciplinary artist and sex worker. She has won awards for her 
short films and performances, appeared in feature films and queer porn, exhibited explicit 
whore-positive work in squats and the  SFMOMA, and shown her cervix internationally. She paints, speaks publicly, and writes on topics of sexuality, gender, intimacy, fertility, queer parenthood and sex work. Sadie lives in Berlin with her baby.


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