Tantra Through A Queer Eye

Saturday 2/6/2018 11:00-13:30

Workshop / Eskus

Entrance with festival pass only / BUY A TICKET

This workshop begins with an introduction to Tantra and Tantric practice. Many forms of practicing Tantra focus on the duality between a man and a woman, and queer people have often felt excluded. However, there is no reason why the same attention to consciousness and communication could not be useful and lead to extreme pleasure with any kind of combination of partners, genders, sexualities and bodies – including cis-gender heterosexuals. Whatever you are, however you identify, you are welcome to this workshop.

The session consists of solo, pair and group exercises. Feel free to come with a partner, a constellation or just by yourself. The basic exercises include boundary setting, negotiation, finding desires, making requests and giving replies. The intermediate exercises consist of cultivating physical pleasure in any kind of a body and assuming different kind of roles and dynamics.

Workshop participants will be fully able to both encounter new people and to work with just the people they prefer, based on their own desires.

Tantric practice combines well with conscious kink and sex-positivity in general, and supports deepening your experiences. Be brave, try it out!

What happens in the workshop?

We will find out what Tantra is about when stripped of any and all limiting gender or orientation roles, learn to face our desires and ask for what it is I want, and explore different roles and dynamics in different settings and/or relationships.

For whom is the workshop?

For everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, gender, preferences or abilities. You can join the session with a partner, a constellation or just by yourself.

Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?

Dress for moving around comfortably. Water bottle and a yoga mat might come in handy, but are not mandatory.

Is there nudity in the workshop?

Nudity is optional and not necessary for participation. If you decide to join the session, be aware that there might be some visible bare skin.

Leo Heng has lived a sex positive life for two decades. During that time he’s been involved in pole dancing, pair and solo acrobatics, martial arts, stage combat, contact improvisation, BDSM and many different forms of dance. Currently he’s mostly researching, developing and teaching Tantra through a queer eye. Leo brings all of this experience together to create a fertile soil for dynamic partner and group work in a playful and steamy physical interaction.