Passive Play

Saturday 2/6/2018 11:00-13:30

Cirko Maneesi

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Are you interested in immobile play partners? Or would you like to surrender and become the object of someone else’s desires?

The Passive Play workshop inspects this style of domination and submission in all its diversity. The workshop allows the examination of even the wildest fantasies of controlling and being controlled.

Objectification, mummification, becoming a doll, pretending to sleep, and playing dead can all be examples of passive play. In this type of play, the passive person takes on a submissive role and enjoys being an object. The active counterpart is turned on by a feeling of control and by being able to play with the other person.

The workshop examines role play, fantasies, and the power of transformation. The workshop examines controlling another person and being controlled in a safe environment, transforming yourself and transforming someone else into what you desire. We also look into turning these reactions inwards, along with other methods of mind control.

What happens in the workshop?

We work with body manipulation, both on our own body and the body of our partner. We also work on preparing mentally for immobility and lack of reactions. The workshop participants get to try both active and passive role play. Switching roles is encouraged but not required. There is time for free play at the end of the workshop and participants can pick their own roles. The play can be sexual or non-sexual.  

For whom is the workshop?

If you think you are turned on by controlling and / or giving up control then this workshop is for you! The workshop is open to everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation. No prior knowledge is required.  

Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?

Bring whatever props, accessories or pieces of clothing you would like to use. The floor is yours! Remember that using any accessory or prop must always be a mutual agreement with your play partner.

Is there nudity in the workshop?

This is your own choice and always negotiated with your play partner(s).

Julius Elo, Jarkko Partanen