Screening: DIY 4EVER by floZif + Porn Talk by Susanna Paasonen

Friday 1/6/2018 21:00–00:00


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DIY 4EVER  / Queer shorts

floZif proposes a program of queer, BDSM, trans* short films offering an experimental vision exploring the diversity of sexual identities and bodies. With an original touch and free of restrictions, sexualities are questioned, they shift, they are recreated and they are examined. The rich imagery of the films takes the audience on a voyage towards differences, otherness and various genres, following the radical and alternative thoughts of the creatives behind these films. The evening is a peek inside different worlds of possibilities.   

floZif appears in three of the selected films: Much More Pussy –GangBang (Emilie Jouvet) – / A Good F* (floZif) / This is the Girl (Catherine Corringer)


Much More Pussy – GangBang / Emilie Jouvet / France / 7min

A Good F* / floZif / France – 4min

This is the Girl / Catherine Corringer / France – 16 min

Bald, Love & Blood / Amaury Grisel / France / 7 min

Avec toi j’en mets pas / bruce / France / 4 min

DELIKAT-ESSEN / Cravache Couture / France / 7 min 21

FeierAbend / Kay Garnellen / Germany / 4 min

Binaries / Hyenaz / Germany / 5min



floZif is well-known in the Paris queer scene. She organizes arty and underground cultural events and
also the PlayNight, a party for GirlZ and trans’. As a performer, she takes part in movies and stage works
in connection with different artists (Too Much Pussy, My Body My Rules by Emilie Jouvet, Viens ! by
Michel Reilhac, Jute Desintegration by Frances d’Ath & Dasniya Sommer…). Her work focuses on
gender and alternative sexualities. She also practises Shibari and created empreintE, a rope
performance that was presented in différent festivals. She is in charge – with Marianne Chargois – of
What the Fuck ?Fest ! a festival around art and sexualities in Paris.

Porn talk by Susanna Paasonen

The history of Finnish porn is largely that of print. This talk explores two particular moments in this history: the increased presence of hardcore, as facilitated by transformations in the interpretation of the obscenity law in 1973, and the attempts to launch gay porn magazines in 1983/1984. Rich in examples, the talk outlines the business of Finnish print porn and addresses its attempts to balance the international with the  markedly home-grown.

Bio: Susanna Paasonen is professor of media studies at University of Turku, with a long interest in pornography. Her books include Carnal Resonance: Affect and Online Pornography (2011), Pornosta (2015) and Many Splendored Things: Thinking Sex and Play (forthcoming).