Sex Work Panel + Porn Karaoke

Saturday 2/6/2018 21:00-00:00

Cirko Maneesi

10€ or festival pass / BUY A TICKET

We are honored to host a panel discussion about SEX WORK, with fabulous guests Sadie Lune and Tiia Forsström.

Sadie Lune is an award-winning interdisciplinary artist and sex worker with an impressive CV and long experience in the field. Tiia Forsström works in the sex industry and is the chair of the Sexpo foundation promoting sexual well being and sexual rights in Finland. 

In this discussion some common sex worker stereotypes will be broken and we’ll hear answers to questions like what is sex work, who does it, why is it still a taboo in our society and what can we learn about sexuality and sex positivity from sex workers. There will be time for questions from the audience as well.

Panel discussion is moderated by Kasper Kamppuri, a queer sex activist and organiser of Wonderlust.


After the panel, for the first time in Finland: PORN KARAOKE hosted by Ina Mikkola, karaoke enthusiast and creator of a new tv docuseries “INA ❤️ PORNO”. Just pick the porn material from the list and show off your excellent vocalization skills!  

Porn Karaoke works by choosing a film from our carefully picked, sexy and hilarious selection of porn, and improvising a new live soundtrack to it. Sound can be created in multiple ways, not only by singing or creating a dialogue, so there’s a chance to get creative!


Bar will be open for the whole evening. Welcome to be educated and entertained <3