Marks – DIY Porn workshop (2)

Sunday 3/6/2018 14:30-17:00

Workshop / Eskus

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In my last performance  “empreintE”, I focused on marks that could stay on the skin after a rope session. I asked if these marks could have an emotional impact and if the skin remembers this close link.

BDSM play often leaves marks on the skin. For this workshop, we will specifically try to create a scene where marks could be made on the skin through BDSM play (using bondage, wax, knifes, flogging…).

The participants will do a short performance with their partner(s) – not only pretend – in order to create marks that will appear on the body through a kinky and sexy way of self-exposure.

The workshop moderator will present pictures and video clips of different marks on the skin for inspiration and to offer some artistic impulses. After this, the group starts to prepare for their desired mark session, finally performing this scene as a “one shot” performance where the skin/flesh goes through a change and is left with marks.

We will also explore how to find the right energy, strength and intensity to create such a moment. It will be important to consider well one’s choice of partner(s) for mutual understanding to take place during a sensitive shared moment.

We will focus on how scenes around BDSM or alternative sexualities can be created in a performative way. There is also a possibility to film the process and make a short DIY porn movie.

What happens in the workshop?

The workshop will be in two parts :

  1. Preparation – Inspiration

– Presentation of the workshop and introduction round
- Inspirational pictures and video clips about marks on the skin

– Exercises and movement in the space

  1. Performing / filming the scene

– The participants will choose their play partner(s) and prepare the performance session

– The performance is a unique, one-off experience.

– There is a possibility to film the performance into a short DIY porn film

For whom is the workshop?

Queer / Non binary / trans* / genderfluid people

Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?

The participants should bring props like outfits, floggers, ropes, sex toys, dildos, candles, needles, knifes, and more in order to create a BDSM scene of their desires.

Important: If you want to play with needles, knifes or any practice with blood please bring a safety container and gloves.

iPhone or a small camera

Respect, boundaries and consent should be discussed before each performance scene.

Is there nudity in the workshop?

As needed and possible.

floZif is well-known in the Paris queer scene. She organizes arty and underground cultural events and also the PlayNight, a party for GirlZ and trans’. As a performer, she takes part in movies and stage works in connection with different artists (Too Much Pussy, My Body My Rules by Emilie Jouvet, Viens ! by Michel Reilhac, Jute Desintegration by Frances d’Ath & Dasniya Sommer…). Her work focuses on gender and alternative sexualities. She also practises Shibari  and created empreintE, a rope performance that was presented in différent festivals. She is in charge – with Marianne Chargois – of What the Fuck ?Fest ! a festival around art and sexualities in Paris.

Workshop: Marks

Film screening: DIY forever