Wonderlust Opening Ceremony

Friday 1/6/2018 18:00-20:00

Cirko Maneesi

Entrance with a festival pass only / BUY A TICKET

Welcome to the Sex Positive Boot Camp of Wonderlust festival! We kick the festival off with an event, which brings everyone involved in the festival, the participants, organisers, workshop hosts and international guests, together.


The Kick Off is an active and warm event, where we start constructing the sex positive space of the festival together. Together, we take away the pressure of being in a sex-positive space, smile and gently open up, just a little, about our wishes and desires. We get to know each other during playful exercises and start the festival off in the most magical way. After the opening, you will know the basic rules of the sex positive space and don’t have to worry anymore about how to meet people. During the evening we explore sensuality, sexuality, content, boundaries and bodies – yours and theirs – with the help of gentle exercises by the Wonderlust team.


We would like all the festival pass holders to join the Boot Camp. This way we can together create a wonderful and safe sex positive festival space! The event can be accessed only with a festival pass, no tickets are sold.


Right after the boot camp the night continues at 9 PM with Indie Porn Screening curated and introduced by floZif.


Duration 2H