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Feeling The Gaze

Jarkko Partanen & Julius Elo

SAT 14:30-17:00

Are you interested in exposing yourself to another person’s gaze, in exhibitionism, or performing? In this workshop we will go through different, arousing ways of being looked at and of looking at others. What kind of gaze are you yearning for? Are you looking for a gentle witness or, perhaps, a randy voyeur?


Being looked at evokes strong feelings; excitement, fear, embarrassment, joy, pleasure and satisfaction. Most of all, being seen is one of the basic human needs (at least for many of us), that can be a liberating and empowering experience.


There will be several exercises, in which you will get a chance to appear before others in different ways. Through these moments you can approach sexual desires that might turn you on particularly when shown to other people. Or, maybe you wish to explore those sexual preferences that excite you and simultaneously make you feel shy.


This workshop provides a safer space for investigating how being under someone’s gaze affects you and what kind of sensations, thoughts and notions it generates. You can focus on your own sexuality and body from preferred perspectives, presenting them to either one viewer, two or three viewers, or the whole group – it’s up to you!

This workshop is held in Finnish/English

What happens in the workshop?

Gazing will be approached through exercises in which the participants can explore different ways of appearing before others. We will address various forms being looked at can take as well as the possibility to appear to one or more people at once. We will also try out different distances for the gaze; the viewer might be near or far, visible or hiding.


In some of the exercises you can choose whether you wish to be looked at alone, with a partner or in a group.

For whom is the workshop?

Everyone who is into being looked at and looking at others. The workshop is suitable for both the shy and the brave!

Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?

Bring along whatever equipment, materials, props or costumes you would like to use. Choose your own style! Please remember that using equipment needs to be negotiated with workshop partners.

Is there nudity in the workshop?

You will decide. Being looked at doesn’t necessarily mean taking off your clothes or being naked.

Julius Elo is a performance artist and one of the founders of Wonderlust festival. He creates performance concepts and participatory performances where the audience is set at the core of the piece in different ways: one-on-one performances, bodily installations, performative rituals and happenings. He is working on his doctoral studies at Theatre Academy Helsinki, in addition to giving lectures and workshops. He works with nudity, sexuality and bodily techniques.


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