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Morning Glory

Kasper Kamppuri

SAT 11:00-13:30

Everyone has a right to experience pleasure, and who would know better what your body desires than yourself!


There are countless ways for our bodies to feel pleasure, and in Morning Glory we start the day by dedicating a moment exploring different possibilities for self-pleasure and share the exciting experience of masturbating together.


What kind of position you’re in when masturbating? Do you use your own hands, toys or tools? How does your body respond to movement, different sensations or sounds? And what kind of sounds does your body make?


In this workshop we will try to break some taboos and misconceptions having to do with masturbation, try out techniques that are proven to be good in a new setting, and find ways to enjoy our incredible bodies.

This workshop can be held in Finnish or English, depending on participants.

What happens in the workshop?

During the workshop we’ll discuss about masturbation and do guided exercises to help get inspiration for touching yourself and get in the mood. After that we continue to a masturbation session and focus on our own pleasure. There’s no physical interaction between participants in this workshop.

For whom is the workshop?

For everyone who would like to know more about masturbating and dedicate the morning to self pleasure in a group setting. No previous experience required. Please note that this is a safer space for all marginalized bodies, genders and preferences.

Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?

Bring a towel you can sit on and any tools that you want to use for your self pleasure session, like vibrator, ropes, sex toys, accessories, massage oil...

Comfortable clothing

Is there nudity in the workshop?

There will be nudity in the workshop, but you can take off as much or as little clothing as you want, or bring a blanket if you want more privacy.

Kasper Kamppuri is a Helsinki based transgender artist and activist, who is passionate about sex-positive revolution and developing safer spaces. They create events, performances and art that focus on queerness, sexual expression and questioning patriarchal norms. They organize Wonderlust-festival, are a part of MYÖS-collective and produce a feminist radio program at Bassoradio.

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