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Play Party


The festival weekend culminates in the sexy and intimate Wonderlust Play Party, kicking off on Sunday at 6 pm and continuing into the night. The Play Party is open only to festival pass holders, and there will be no individual party tickets available.

Sunday evening turns Wonderlust into a sensual party that embraces both the body and the mind. The Play Party creates a safer environment to explore sexual fantasies. The party is a place where the shared workshop ideas and experiences can find new forms and outcomes. The party venue and soundscape serve to awaken the senses and tune the party crowd into new dimensions of pleasure in a space equipped with play areas, glory holes, bondage spaces and lots more! This is a party to dress up for! Dress code tags: sexy, fetish, elegant, role play, fantasy, weird, cross-dressing, historic, kinky, provocative, burlesque, drag… pick an outfit where you feel at your most boldest!

Wonderlust’s Lab of Lust serves different alcohol-free, sensation arousing cocktails. Music by DJs Kristiina Männikkö, and Niko Hallikainen.

Welcome to the play house!    


SUN 18:00-02:00

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