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Play Room


Even more chances for play this year! Throughout the festival you have access to an open play space. Here you can put into action the new skills you learned in the workshops, play out your desires, or just cuddle in the corner.


In addition to free play there are also sessions with facilitated content in the space, both from our international and Finnish guests. These sessions have more open format than workshops and you do not need to sign up beforehand. Details of the facilitated program will be published before the festival.

The play space is situated in the studio next to the cafe, so it’s the perfect spot to spend your time when you are not busy in the workshops. You can come and go as you want, but please be respectful of what’s going on in the space while entering and exiting.



Play Room schedule
(also available at Eskus)




12:00-13:00 Sensual Dance


14:00-15:00 Sensual Ropes


16:00-17:00 Picnic For Littles



12:00-13:00 Ropes And Domination

14:00-15:00 Solo Play

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