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Rituals for Play

Ceci Ferox & Nana Quinncoon

SAT 14:30-17:00

Rituals are an important part of BDSM practice. They help us get into the mood and mindset of play, build the dynamic of roles and focus on the present moment. They also help us let go of roles and the moment of play, and ease us back to reality with softness. Rituals are about repetition, awareness, and personal significance.

This workshop is held in Finnish/English

What happens in the workshop?

We will focus on building our own rituals for before, during, and after play. We will do hands-on practice and work with finding a way that is meaningful for each of us.


For whom is the workshop?

For anyone who is interested in building a more mindful way of playing and doing BDSM. You don't need any prior skills, but be prepared for physical and/or mental power exchange. You can come with a partner or find someone at the workshop.


Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?

Bring any tools that you might want to use, like candles, rope, floggers, amulets etc. (not mandatory to bring anything).


Is there nudity in the workshop?

Partial nudity is ok as a part of your ritual or dynamic. Please keep panties on.

Ceci Ferox is a sexuality counselor and educator, kink activist, and rope nerd from Helsinki, Finland. She has been organizing rope events and teaching BDSM since 2014. Ceci teaches locally and internationally from top, bottom and switch perspectives. She draws on her expertise as a community educator to bring people together. Her physical background is in in dance and martial arts. Safer spaces, inclusivity, and consent are Ceci’s priorities.


Nana Quinncoon is a Helsinki-based kinkster, community organiser and trans activist with a background in art pedagogy. They are a committed rope lover, co-organiser and frequent educator in Helsinki Shibari events and workshops.


Nana is also a recovering student, sadomasochist witch and Owner of two house pets (one human and one dog). They have a passion for good coffee, family, rituals, headstrong submissives and dark stuff you won’t find on pornhub.


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