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Role Play

Anna Natt

SAT 18:00-20:30

SUN 11:00-13:30

Some of the most beautiful and intense sessions I have had have been when I was playing someone else. Role play is a way to step away from our mundane self into the guise of another person.

Taking on the role of someone or something else can be very empowering and free us from restricting thought-patterns and act as a tool to ask for what we do not dare to when we are ourselves.

For many, one obstacle to role play is “performance anxiety”, the feeling that one will not have enough ideas, be able to stay in role or freeze up in the middle of everything. In this workshop we will focus on how to get into role, leaving behind any expectations of producing concrete results or scenarios. Freeing ourselves from this expectation is what allows us to be creative and have fun while getting in touch with still unknown sides of ourselves.

Bring costumes and props that inspire you!

This workshop is held in English

What happens in the workshop?

The workshop is focused on action. In this workshop I use performance techniques as a way to develop role play characters and scenarios. Through guided exercises, I ask participants to notice physical and mental impulses present in their body and use them as a base to build a character. By moving intentionally and opening our vision to perceive our own body as one with the people, objects and space around us, we prepare ourselves for opening the space to more unstructured and improvised role play.

For whom is the workshop?

This workshop is for everyone and especially intended for people who have a curiosity about role play, but are still hesitant to try. It is also for people who have a lot of experience with role play, but are open to exploring other ways of getting into role.

Will I need to bring something, is there a dress code, how do I prepare?

Safer sex supplies are required.

There is no dress code, although participants are encouraged to bring costumes and props that inspire them.

No preparation is required.

Is there nudity in the workshop?

There might be nudity in the workshop, but it is not necessary.

Anna Natt was trained as a flamenco dancer in Spain before moving to Berlin. Her performance work focuses on collaborations with musicians and composers of different disciplines.

In order to cultivate a deeper understanding of the body and its nuances, she draws inspiration from somatic and contemporary practices.

A connection to trance and dream states is also a central theme in her work. She appeared in the performance SM - Sensual Magic choreographed by Felix Ruckert and curated and performed in the role play space “Guru Supermarket“ and “Monster & Demons“ at the Xplore Festival Berlin in 2016 and 2017.


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